Europe on Track 2018 (5th edition)


Team Red in Grodno

For its last stop, Team Red went to the geographical centre of Europe: the city of Grodno! The ambassadors discovered the pleasant city of Kings and its many beautiful and historical buildings. They also enjoyed interacting with the participants of their last workshop at a Language School, for many of the students were very keen to learn more on the… Read more →

Team Purple in Mannheim

Emotions ran high as we arrived at our last stop in Mannheim- after almost a month of traveling, each day of which was so intense, we arrived tired and hungry, but the happy, smiling faces of our local organizers was the much needed breath of fresh air. What made it even more perfect was the sun being benevolent, as we… Read more →


Team Blue in Dresden

The Saxony capital, Dresden, is a beautiful city with an architecturally stunning city core and artsy atmosphere. With a heavy influence from royal families, the architecture shows grand displays of stone Greek gods and event palaces. Workshops We had a busy first day with two workshops amongst a variety of other activities. Our first workshop was held at the university,… Read more →

View of Saint Petersburg from Isaac's Cathedral

Team Red in Saint Petersburg

After a nice night in the train coming from Moscow, Team Red arrived on the 15th April in the city everyone dreams of one day visiting: Saint Petersburg. The city has everything to delight its visitors: beautiful types of architecture, a rich cultural and historical heritage, relaxing canals, lively and pleasant public places, and an overall enchanting atmosphere. On top… Read more →

Team Purple in Utrecht

Team Purple’s time in Utrecht was straight out of a magical realist setting, as we were at what is known as the ‘hipster’ neighborhood of the city. The walls were covered by graffiti, colors popped out from random spots, and things sprung out from the ceiling that we think might belong more on the ground. Amidst all this, we were… Read more →

Moscow view from TSUM

Team Red in Moscow

Team Red arrived in Moscow on the 11th April super excited to finally discover the famous capital city! The ambassadors spent four amazing sunny days wandering in the pleasant streets and parks of the centre, and enjoying the lively atmosphere of this busy city. They also had many opportunities to discuss about ecology and climate change with the local young… Read more →


Team Blue in Köln

The city of Köln was a great spot to catch our breath and look back at our month of travels. We really appreciated the time at our second last stop and felt a bit nostalgic as our travels together were coming to an end. Arrival We were excited to see the AEGEE-Koln flag held up high as we peeked through… Read more →


Team Blue in Tilburg

Arrival In the morning, we had a short train ride from Leiden to Tilburg. Upon arrival, we were picked up from the train station by Brian and Evelien. Right away, we all got along and knew our stay in Tilburg would be cheerful and easy-going! Throughout our stay, we were happy to eat mainly vegetarian meals to lower our ecological… Read more →

Team Purple in Brussels

The country of beer and chocolate- how could it not be amazing? The seventh stop for Team Purple was Brussels, and they were hosted by AEGEE-Europe, at the headquarters of AEGEE. Whether or not it is the heart of Europe is a different debate, but there is definitely a lot of Europe in this one city! If anyone living in… Read more →

Team Purple in Barcelona

Everyone has always wanted to say once in life ‘Hola Barcelona’, standing in the middle of the city and watch the world go by. Team Purple got that incredible chance when we finally reached there for our sixth stop, to be hosted by AEGEE-Barcelona.   The Perfect Proportions of Barcelona Barcelona is a city of good proportions- of the sun,… Read more →


Team Red in Voronezh

Team Red is now in the Russian Federation! From 7th to 10th April, our three ambassadors were in Voronezh. They enjoyed the nice riverside, the beautiful classical architecture of Orthodox churches and cathedral, they delivered many workshops, and of course, they had an amazing time with AEGEE-Voronezh!   Arrival in Voronezh We left Kyïv by bus on the 6th afternoon… Read more →


Team Blue in Leiden

Little Amsterdam…Without all the tourists We were warmly welcomed by the girls at AEGEE-Leiden. From the workshops to the activities, AEGEE-Leiden led a very organized and accommodating stay for Team Blue! Documentary Night The first night that Team Blue arrived in Leiden, we watched a documentary called ‘A Plastic Ocean’ with local AEGEE members. The documentary was quite a reality… Read more →

Team Purple in Burgos

With a population of just 200000, Burgos has a revolutionary fervor that reaches far beyond its size, something that the residents of this capital city of Castille love to talk about. Burgos once used to be the capital of Spain, something we were reminded multiple times, and is called the ‘Crown of Castille’. I for one found the beauty of… Read more →


Team Blue in Eindhoven

Sometimes it is not so much about the place as it is about the people. Eindhoven is a great example of this as we met and made great connections with the welcoming AEGEE locals. Biking Culture The Netherlands is known worldwide for their amazing biking culture. There are many reasons why The Netherlands became one of the biking capitals of… Read more →


Team Red in Kyïv

A beautiful city with colourful architectures from the tsarist and Soviet times reflecting its rich history and culture, Kyïv is definitely a place to experience. Team red had the chance to stop there from the 4th to 6th April and simply loved it! From Bucharest to Kyïv After our nice stop in Bucharest, we took the night train to Chisinau… Read more →

Team Purple in Malaga

How beautiful I imagined this city in southern Spain, how sweet its sound- Malaga! Nestled in the region of Andalucia in Spain, I had a feeling that this city could uplift the heart and spirit of anyone, and indeed, when we arrived in Malaga after twenty hours of travel from Torino, we were tired, forlorn and bowed (although still not… Read more →


Team Blue in Aachen

Fresh air, walkable, friendly, and cozy are all words that come to mind when thinking of the beautiful old city of Aachen, Germany. Team blue got well acquainted with the people and surroundings on our longest stop for Europe on Track. Arrival We arrived in Aachen after a long train ride from Budapest. We were welcomed by our friendly hosts,… Read more →


Team Red in Bucharest

From the 30th March to the 1st April, team red visited the impressive city of Bucharest and met the kind members of AEGEE-București. Those three days were full of fun, sun, discoveries, and interesting discussions.   Arrival in Bucharest It took us about 26 hours to travel about 1500 km, but we made it; we arrived safe and sound in… Read more →

Team Purple in Torino

Winter was beginning to turn to spring when we arrived at our last stop in Italy, as shades of pink trees dotted Torino’s wide avenues, and we were collected from the train station. As the first capital of Italy (alas for only a very short period), home to Gigi D’Agostino (haha) and a city famous for its chocolates, we were… Read more →


Team Red in Ankara

For its second stop, team red was hosted by AEGEE-Ankara. The ambassadors had a very busy and interesting stay there. They notably had the chance to deliver a workshop during a university course on sustainability, to learn more about the state of climate change mitigation in Ankara directly from the external relations responsible of the Çankaya municipality, and to discover… Read more →