The Project

Europe on Track is a youth-led project where a handful of ambassadors in teams travel across Europe for one whole month, by train, capturing young people’s vision about their future perspectives.

The ambassadors of Europe on Track stay in each city for around 2-3 days to deliver workshops at universities and high school, meet local people and interview them, and to find out their concerns and ideas regarding the topic discussed. Each team has a different route, which includes cities where you can find AEGEE local groups, for example, Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Moskva or Prague. There are 3 people in each team and each of them has a specific role during the trip. They share their experiences through articles, photo albums, videos and daily updates on social media channels. The ambassadors are selected after the open call that is shared on our communication channels in November.


  • To gather the opinions of young people about the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on their personal lives and on their social environments.
  • To educate young people on how to analyse and interpret the political landscape around them on the local, national and European level.
  • To empower young Europeans to become change-makers in their own communities by proving them with tools and references.
  • To advocate towards decision-makers about the importance of including young people in policy creation processes in their communities.

The journey can be followed on social media via blogs, videos and photos. At the end of the trip, a documentary and quantitative and qualitative data analysis will be created as a recap.

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Change is within YOUth:
All abourd the Activism Express!

We will always remember 2020 as the year in which our lives changed completely. However, our world did not stop during this time, and neither did the youth.

Europe on Track belives that we, as young people, are the ones who have the power to change our future. Even when some people think we are too young, or too small… We definitely want to be the drivers of change!

Each grain of sand counts, and so does every person. With this project, we aim to encourage young people from all around Europe to take the lead of change. This can be done by becoming activists in their local communities, using the materials provided by our project in order to do so.

With this edition of Europe on Track, we want to spread our values of motivationempowerment and activism as far as possible. We aim to raise our voices, we aim to get to the local policy makers and involve them in the project as well.

Come on, have you booked your tickets already? We are waiting for you! Join our Activism Express since… the change is within YOUth!