The Project

Europe on Track is a youth-led project where a handful of ambassadors in teams travel across Europe for one whole month, by train, capturing young people‘s vision about their future perspectives.

The Ambassadors of Europe on Track stay for around 2-3 days in each city to deliver workshops at universities and high schools, meet local people, interview them and find out their concerns and ideas regarding the topic discussed. Each team has a different route which include cities where you can find AEGEE local groups, for example Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Moskva or Prague. There are 3 people in each team – a journalist, a photographer and a videomaker, each of them has a specific role during the trip. They share their experiences through articles, photo albums, videos and everyday updates in social media channels. The Ambassadors are selected after the open call that is shared on our communication channels in November.


  • To inform youngsters about social inclusion with an emphasis on gender equality and mental health issues.
  • To gather the opinions of young people and get their perspective on how to include all genders in today’s society and fight stigma connected with mental health issues.  
  • To explore what European young people and young volunteers face in connection with gender inequalities and mental health problems.
  • To promote social inclusion and among young people and fight dicrimination and stigmatisation connected to gender mainstreaming and mental health problems.
  • To advocate on gender mainstreaming and mental health awareness towards all young people in Europe and present the issues they face to the decision-makers

which are our main actions?

  • Action Week – during the course of a week, we organise a series of digital activities aimed to spread knowledge about the current topic of the project and to encourage young people to act in their community.
  • Training for ambassadors – the project team organises a live training for the ambassadors before the routes start.
  • Ambassadors travel the routes – Eeach team of ambassadors travel to 10 cities around Europe; during the stops, the ambassadors deliver workshops in order to bring the topic closer to young people. They also participate in other thematic activities,o enhance the reach of the project even further.
  • Closing Conference – the data collected by 6 ambassadors during the month-long journey will be presented during a final conference, where the participants and impactful speakers will also explore the topic of the event.

The journey can be followed on social media via blogs, videos and photos. At the end of the trip, a documentary and quantitative and qualitative data analysis will be created as a recap.

europe on track 7

all routes lead to inclusion:
from gender equality to mental health

This year’s edition will take place in March-April 2020, and has its focus set on Social Inclusion: From Gender Equality to Mental Health.

For decades, the issue of gender inequality has been creating countless struggles to people around the globe. In recent years, a lot has been done in order to raise awareness and tackle discrimination that people from all genders and sexual orientation face. This year, our project wants to aim at raising awareness around Europe by using the diverse network of the AEGEE locals and reaching out to people in their city. Our goal is to also  advocate on reaching gender equality at the European and Global level.

Since the daily struggles of a person facing inequality mostly lead to various mental health issues like depression, anxiety and so on, due to discrimination and stigma they face every day, we decided to focus on Mental Health as well.

For us, the topics of Gender Equality and Mental Health are interconnected more than ever with all problems that the young people in Europe face. This is the main reason why we strive to tackle both of these issues in connection with the overall topic of Social Inclusion.