Europe on Track 9 – routes

This year, the routes will be happening physically once more. Following the recommendations and protective measures from the local and national governments, two routes will be taking place physically. Furthermore, we will have one route which is entirely online. With the online route, we can visit very remote places or smaller locals that do not have the resources to organise a physical stop. With the online routes, it is also easier to reach people from all over Europe, as everyone is welcome to participate in the online sessions!

All routes will be starting in Warsaw, where the training for ambassadors (T4A) takes place. The final evaluation of the dissemination face will take place in Eskişehir. For information about any part of the project, like for instance the different stops on the routes, you can always check our Facebook page or other social media channels!

The online route has two ambassadors dedicated to giving trainings to the participants of the stops. The events on this route are open for everyone to join and participate in. Below, you can soon find a full list of the online sessions with some information, as well as a link to get more info on the event!


During the Routes, 5 different workshops will be provided to participants. The materials for these workshops will become publicly available later, so you can also use them to organise an activity in your own city! For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at
  • Identify, Prevent and React: Gender-based discrimination and violence in the Digital World
  • Creating safe, inclusive and empowering spaces
  • Violence against women in context of the Istanbul Convention
  • Fight against gender-based violence: from idea to campaign
  • Rethinking our approach: Gender equality after the pandemic

Online campaign

After the routes and the evaluation are finished, we will launch an online campaign to share the results of the project. During this online campaign you can find out how many people we reached with the project: in the workshops, on social media and with our website. 

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