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Team Red in Berlin: Eutopia on Track – 2040 Vision

The time has finally come and #TeamRed of Europe on Track 6 has finally reached its last stop, which is none other than one of the most international hubs in Europe: the city of Berlin. Ambassadors spent altogether five days in the capital city of Germany, and thus closed the gourmet-circle: from eating Adana kebab in Turkey at the outset… Read more →

Team Blue in Tilburg: Empowerment through business

In the middle between the cities ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Eindhoven our next and almost last stop was situated! Tilburg! Short fun fact about Tilburg: In Tilburg, the painter Van Gogh attended the King Wilhelm II school in the city where he learned to paint. That’s probably why Tilburg was a colorful and picture-perfect experience for us! Shortly after our arrival,… Read more →

Team Blue in Paris: A United States of Europe?

After a short detour through Germany #TeamBlue made it to Paris, the city of love that bursts in architectural magnitude and creativity. In order not got lost in the magic that is Paris, we were hosted by the lovely AEGEE-Paris antenna. “There is a general discontent with “how things are handled in the country”, Annais (23) who has been with… Read more →

Team Red in Poznan: main issues faced in Poland

The last of the stops of #TeamRed in Poland has come to an end, and Ambassadors are now heading to Berlin, the actual last stop of their route! The city of Poznan was the cherry on the top of the trip of the red team through the country. Local organisers made sure that Ambassadors were provided with anything they needed,… Read more →

Team Red in Warsaw: Polish perspectives on migration

Back to #TeamRed! After some very fruitful days in the lovely city of Kraków, our dear Ambassadors travelled from the former Polish capital to the current one. AEGEE-Warszawa was waiting for the team, ready to begin a stop, the same way as the previous one, full of pierogi and żurek. Once the exigent stomachs of the ambassadors were full, the… Read more →

Team Blue in Mannheim: From being an AEGEE president to running as an MEP

#TeamBlue made it to the Quadratestadt Mannheim! The stop started a city tour in cooperation with the Mannheim’s Free Walking tour. While exploring the city our team recognized a couple of street artists which is pretty crazy considering that we’re from three different countries. Art connects. After our trip, we deserved ourselves a traditional dish of “Käsespätzle” which the lovely… Read more →

Team Blue in Torino: #FridaysforFuture and large scale movements

Nietzsche who claimed that god is dead described #TeamBlue’s next city, Torion, as very lively. The former capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Kingdom of Italy lays in the famous vine region Pietmont and is home big companies such as Campari, Ferrero or Fiat. It’s a major European crossroad for industry, commerce and trade as it is part of… Read more →

Team Red in Kraków: linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe

#TeamRed back on track, this time initiating their odissey through the land of pierogi: Poland! First stop in their journey: Kraków. The lovely hosts from AEGEE-Kraków made sure that ambassadors enjoyed every kind of commodity, from delicious homemade breakfasts to insightful city tours through the old town of Kraków. While their visit to the former Polish capital was full of… Read more →

Team Red in Budapest: the challenge of Euroscepticism in Hungary

After a three-days-long intense stop in Budapest, the #TeamRed is now on its way to the city of Kraków. Our friends from AEGEE-Budapest made sure to make our stay in their city as welcoming as it can get, and were a vivid example of Hungarian hospitality. We got to learn about the famous nagy zsinagóga of the city, the Buda… Read more →

Team Blue in Napoli : Eurocriticsm & Responsibilities

#TeamBlue made it to the south of Italy – Napoli! The antenna organized the “Quale binario per l’Europa?” conference in the university to tackle the question which track Europe will take. Therefore we were invited as speakers among other professors and Europe Direct. From this very structured space we moved to another part of the university, the occupied Café Dada.… Read more →

Team Red in Zagreb: the need for active youth citizenship

#TeamRed did it again: we successfully travelled by train through the Balkans, this time from the city of Novi Sad all the way to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. As soon as we took a step off the train, our lovely hosts from AEGEE-Zagreb were already waiting for us ready to feed our demanding stomachs. As both Zagreb and… Read more →

Team Red in Novi Sad: challenges and opportunities to youth participation

#TeamRed back on track! After a looong journey from Eskişehir with a short stop in Sofia (special thanks to EoT 5 Ambassador Ivetta for hosting us!), and following a series of trains through the heart of the Balkans, the Ambassadors finally arrived to Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia, where our lovely hosts from AEGEE-Novi Sad were already… Read more →

Team Blue in Treviso

Past Friday Team Blue arrived in Treviso, a mid-sized Veneto city, that gifted the world with three essential goods: Tiramisu, Raddicchio and Prosecco. The day was quite packed as we started with a tour through the cities narrow cobbled streets and canals and had a workshop on migration in the youth center “Binario 1”. This topic is close to our… Read more →

Team Red in Eskişehir: mobility and visa issues in Turkey

It is with deep sorrow and full bellies that we leave Eskişehir and Turkey. The #TeamRed has been altogether almost three weeks in the land of the Turks, and it is already automatic for us to answer with a “Tesseküller” when a wide-smiling waiter brings us a çai. Since the very first minute that we stepped in the city, we… Read more →

Team Blue in Udine

When you go to Udine – (yo)u dine. And in the best case scenario (yo)u dine in U dine with Udine’s locals in front of the castle and surrounded by the locals. A city so cute and romantic that we weren’t surprised when we found out that the original story of Romeo and Juliet has its origin in Udine. Shakespeare… Read more →

Team Red in Ankara: an insight on the migration situation in Turkey

The time has come! The #RedTeam of Europe on Track has already finished its first stop in the springing metropolis of Ankara! Following a short ride from Istanbul, we Ambassadors were already set to begin our work in the capital city of Turkey. The first morning began with a Turkish breakfast AEGEE-Ankara style, which gave us the necessary energy to… Read more →

Ambassadors training in Istanbul

The past 12th of March a group of 12 young people ready to make a change in Europe gathered in the former Ottoman capital, formerly named as Byzantium, Constantinople or Stamboul, and nowadays known as Istanbul. These young people coming from multiple corners of Europe and beyond were not but the Europe on Track 6 Project Team and the Ambassadors… Read more →