Team Blue in Mannheim: From being an AEGEE president to running as an MEP

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#TeamBlue made it to the Quadratestadt Mannheim! The stop started a city tour in cooperation with the Mannheim’s Free Walking tour. While exploring the city our team recognized a couple of street artists which is pretty crazy considering that we’re from three different countries. Art connects. After our trip, we deserved ourselves a traditional dish […]

Team Red in Kraków: linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe

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#TeamRed back on track, this time initiating their odissey through the land of pierogi: Poland! First stop in their journey: Kraków. The lovely hosts from AEGEE-Kraków made sure that ambassadors enjoyed every kind of commodity, from delicious homemade breakfasts to insightful city tours through the old town of Kraków. While their visit to the former […]

Team Blue in Treviso

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Past Friday Team Blue arrived in Treviso, a mid-sized Veneto city, that gifted the world with three essential goods: Tiramisu, Raddicchio and Prosecco. The day was quite packed as we started with a tour through the cities narrow cobbled streets and canals and had a workshop on migration in the youth center “Binario 1”. This […]

Team Blue in Udine

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When you go to Udine – (yo)u dine. And in the best case scenario (yo)u dine in U dine with Udine’s locals in front of the castle and surrounded by the locals. A city so cute and romantic that we weren’t surprised when we found out that the original story of Romeo and Juliet has […]

Team Blue in Bergamo

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Ciao Bergamo! Welcomed by the locals, their mascot Strinu and 23*C sunshine, we found ourselves at our first stop, Bergamo, which for it’s contribution to the Italian unification movement is called city of the thousand. After arriving at our hosts home we went for a city tour with the whole antenna, driving up to the […]

Ambassadors training in Istanbul

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The past 12th of March a group of 12 young people ready to make a change in Europe gathered in the former Ottoman capital, formerly named as Byzantium, Constantinople or Stamboul, and nowadays known as Istanbul. These young people coming from multiple corners of Europe and beyond were not but the Europe on Track 6 […]