Blog EoT5

Team Red in Voronezh
Team Red is now in the Russian Federation! From 7th to 10th April, our three ambassadors were in Voronezh. They
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Team Blue in Leiden
Little Amsterdam…Without all the tourists We were warmly welcomed by the girls at AEGEE-Leiden. From the workshops to the activities,
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Team Purple in Burgos
With a population of just 200000, Burgos has a revolutionary fervor that reaches far beyond its size, something that the
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Team Blue in Eindhoven
Sometimes it is not so much about the place as it is about the people. Eindhoven is a great example
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Team Red in Kyïv
A beautiful city with colourful architectures from the tsarist and Soviet times reflecting its rich history and culture, Kyïv is
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Team Purple in Malaga
How beautiful I imagined this city in southern Spain, how sweet its sound- Malaga! Nestled in the region of Andalucia
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Team Blue in Aachen
Fresh air, walkable, friendly, and cozy are all words that come to mind when thinking of the beautiful old city
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Team Red in Bucharest
From the 30th March to the 1st April, team red visited the impressive city of Bucharest and met the kind
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Team Purple in Torino
Winter was beginning to turn to spring when we arrived at our last stop in Italy, as shades of pink
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Team Red in Ankara
For its second stop, team red was hosted by AEGEE-Ankara. The ambassadors had a very busy and interesting stay there.
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