EoT 8 presents… Change is within YOUth: All Aboard the Activism Express!

youth after the pandemic

Have you ever thought before how our world would be during a pandemic? We bet no.  We live in a constant-changing world. This year, we learnt how to live in a new reality that for most of us, if somebody would have told us what it was going to happen, we would have thought that they were talking about a futuristic dystopian book or even an episode of Black Mirror.

We had to stay at home talking behind screens, creating an office in our bedrooms, playing sports in our living room… All day long. From one day, to another.  

But during this time, the world has not stopped! And neither does youth! Europe on Track believes that we are the ones who have the power to change our future. Even if for some people we might seem too young, too small… we definitely want to be the drivers of change!

change makers of our own future

It’d not be an easy task. How is the first question that might come to your mind. Then where to start is the next question. What can you do? A lot of people all around are asking themselves the same questions. The first step is to demonstrate that we are not alone, we’re together in this and we should motivate each other. 

Each grain of sand counts. With this project we aim to encourage young people from all around Europe to take the lead of change by starting by becoming activists in their communities, using the materials provided by our project in order to do so. 

With this edition of Europe on Track we want to spread our values of motivation, empowerment and activism as far as possible. We aim to raise our voices, we aim to get to the local policy makers and involve them as well. 

Come on, have you booked your tickets already ? We are waiting for you! Join our activism express because…


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