Europe on Track 4

Europe on Track 2017 (4th edition)

Team Red in Bergamo (May 12-14)

Welcome on board! Again on the fabulous Frecciarossa, Italy’s high-speed train. We are on our way from Napoli to Bergamo, but all three of us in our own cabin, if not our own train… Interrailing? A piece of cake. But only for some of us… Totally immersed in the many activities and conversations of our stay in Napoli, we kind… Read more →

“Is this legal?” Team Blue in St. Petersburg (May 2-4)

We arrived early in the morning, and around noon we got a city tour of St. Petersburg where we visited some of the city’s most famous sights and learned about the short, but turbulent history of the city. Noting the resilience of Peter in his efforts to build up the city in a place that most would have deemed inhabitable… Read more →

Team Red in Udine (May 14-16)

“If you don’t know the rules of the game, you cannot participate.” – Filippo When we ask interviewees about the responsibilities of a citizen, many assert that it is important “to know your rights.” However, this answer is often followed by a subtle head shake of confession when the interviewee is then asked whether he is aware of his rights… Read more →

Team Red in Eskisehir (May 6-7)

It Saturday, May 6th, 9 in the morning. Together with 13 AEGEE- Eskişehir members, we are visiting a high school in Eskişehir. There are about 30 students, at 9am, I repeat, on a Saturday morning. First of all, thank you for that. The first exercise: Think of an object or an animal right now. Turn to your partner. Tell your… Read more →

Team Red in Napoli (May 9-12)

“It is important to do something for your city. You don’t have to do great things and start a revolution, but something like taking part in an association (e.g. AEGEE), so you can create a better place. Like, here in Napoli, when I have people that come over, I show them the place. I show them the city how I… Read more →

Team Red in Izmir (May 7-9)

The first thing you want to do after a 12-hour night train without sleep/food/shower is, by no doubt, to go to a barbecue party in the park with 50 members of AEGEE-Izmir (of which 30 (!) present at Agora-Enschede)… Lesson #1: Never ever get yourself a seat next to an automatic door. Especially not the ones that are too afraid to make… Read more →

Team Blue in Moskva (April 30 – May 1)

Safe to say, I am generally not a morning person, but I think anybody would be startled by being woken up at 3:30am by a Russian soldier for passport control. We took the night train from Kyiv from Moskva, arriving safely at 10am after 12 hours train, and headed straight to our host’s place where we got breakfast. At 2pm… Read more →

“Think globally, act locally” Team Blue in Kyiv (April 27-29)

The phrase “Think globally, act locally” was reoccurring through the interviews, describing well the atmosphere in Kyiv. It’s clear that the events in 2013 shaped the people of the country a great deal, empowering them and enforcing the idea that each individual matters and can make a change. Arriving early as 7am, we were impressed that three people awaited us… Read more →

Team Red in Sofia (May 2-4)

What is the first word you think of when I say Civic Education? – (Crickets…) After a quick stop in Ploiesti, where our lovely hosts Tudor and his mom sacrificed their Labor Day for us in return for a series of selfies, we continued our journey to Sofia. In some languages, including Bulgarian, there is no direct translation for Civic Education.… Read more →

Team Red in Chișinău (April 27-30)

“We had more fun here than in a whole week of school.” – “A whole week? A whole year!” That exchange between two high school students followed our first workshop in Chișinău, Moldova. We found ourselves in Chișinău on Thursday, April 27th, after riding a night train from Cluj-Napoca to Iași and, with some help from AEGEE-Iași, taking a minibus… Read more →

Team Blue in Lviv (April 24-26)

Our journey didn’t start without troubles, as our very first train was delayed, causing us to nearly miss the second one – but as our team’s motto is “Never give up” we made a run for it and made the second one just on time! We then arrived safely in Lviv, after having our passports carefully examined (mainly my passport… Read more →

Team Red in Cluj-Napoca (April 24-26)

“Oh no, we don’t do that childish flag-stealing business,” I was assured by Nico from AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca at the train station on Monday afternoon. A few minutes later, our flag was stolen for the second time; the first time being at the “Education for the Present, Democracy for the Future” conference, for which we will receive our punishment at Agora Enschede.… Read more →