Blog 2017

View of Saint Petersburg from Isaac's Cathedral
Team Red in Saint Petersburg
After a nice night in the train coming from Moscow, Team Red arrived on the 15th April in the city
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Team Purple in Utrecht
Team Purple’s time in Utrecht was straight out of a magical realist setting, as we were at what is known
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Moscow view from TSUM
Team Red in Moscow
Team Red arrived in Moscow on the 11th April super excited to finally discover the famous capital city! The ambassadors
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Team Blue in Köln
The city of Köln was a great spot to catch our breath and look back at our month of travels.
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Team Blue in Tilburg
Arrival In the morning, we had a short train ride from Leiden to Tilburg. Upon arrival, we were picked up
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Team Purple in Brussels
The country of beer and chocolate- how could it not be amazing? The seventh stop for Team Purple was Brussels,
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Team Purple in Barcelona
Everyone has always wanted to say once in life ‘Hola Barcelona’, standing in the middle of the city and watch
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Team Red in Voronezh
Team Red is now in the Russian Federation! From 7th to 10th April, our three ambassadors were in Voronezh. They
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Team Blue in Leiden
Little Amsterdam…Without all the tourists We were warmly welcomed by the girls at AEGEE-Leiden. From the workshops to the activities,
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Team Purple in Burgos
With a population of just 200000, Burgos has a revolutionary fervor that reaches far beyond its size, something that the
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