What is Europe on Track?

What is Europe on Track?

Europe on Track is a project of AEGEE, run by young volunteers who aim to raise awareness, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of youth in Europe on important social issues.

Thanks to Eurail, Erasmus+ and the European Youth Foundation, our 8 ambassadors will travel in teams by train across 20 cities in one month to deliver workshops, interview young people and organize events in cooperation with 200 volunteers from all over Europe.

The project is carried out entirely by passionate volunteers who pursue a better Europe together

Europe on Track happens in all Europe. Our ambassadors travel for 1 month to more than 15 countries all over Europe.

Europe on Track is a non-profit project. We exist thanks to the help of our sponsors and partners

Our ambassadors travel by train. This is possible thanks to Interrail

The aim of the project is to raise awareness, provoke discussion and find out what young people think about a topic

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