Team Blue in Budapest

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One of the most walkable cities in Europe, it was a joy for Team Blue to explore Budapest! Arrival Upon arrival, we were picked up from AEGEE-Budapest president, Balint Caesar. He led us to the AEGEE-Budapest office and gave me my first AEGEE sticker (which is apparently a big deal after already being with three […]


Team Blue in Zagreb

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An interesting mix of old and new architecture adds a unique character to the city of Zagreb. Organized, clean streets, green space, and car share rentals were noticed right away from an environmental perspective. Arrival After a day of travel from Novi Sad, we arrived in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Welcomed by our host, […]

Team Purple in Bologna

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And so we arrived in Bologna, the city of little secrets! As the days went by, we realized that the more you know, the more there is to find out. Bologna is cleverly called La Rossa, La Grassa, La Dotta- the Red (it’s a left leaning city), the Wise (has one of the oldest universities […]


Team Red in Eskisehir

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From the 23rd to 26th March, team red went to visit AEGEE-Eskisehir for its first stop. They had a great time there thanks to those insanely nice people. Those three days entailed workshops, city tours, meetings, and of course super tasty food. This was short but enough for the ambassadors to deeply bond with this […]

Team Purple in Napoli

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Team Purple’s first stop for Europe on Track began with the famed Napoli warmth; as we arrived while it rained in our welcome and our host parked his car, a random man in the parking lot was so excited to see us that he immediately offered us coffee! The next three days in this beautiful […]


Team Blue in Novi Sad

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The Night Before One last cozy night together with all the ambassadors in Thessaloniki was exactly what we needed before departure day. Thanks to our great local host, Dimitris, we were treated like royalty as he welcomed all 9 of us with open arms and filled our bellies with local desserts. Although we were anxious, […]

Kicking off Europe on Track!

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The start of the 5th edition of Europe on Track was scheduled for the 22nd March 2018 as nine ambassadors are travelling to many different cities for hectic month of workshops and documentation. As you might know, Europe on Track is a project of AEGEE-Europe led by young volunteers who aim to raise awareness, to […]